We measure the impact of our classes through questionnaires completed at the start and end of each course. Sometimes we have a follow-up session after several weeks and gather feedback from participants then. Sometimes we phone participants after 3 months to find out how they are getting on. We also prepare an evaluation report for the funders of the course.

Typically we find that after completing their course our participants:

  • increase their uptake of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • do more home cooking and reduce their intake of ready meals and takeaways
  • have increased enjoyment of home cooking
  • have a more varied diet
  • become aware of what makes a healthy diet
  • are more likely to have a healthy diet
  • enjoy the social aspect of the cookery course as well as the practical cooking

To find out more about the benefits and impact of our courses, please contact Stephanie on 01304 362288 or contact us today.