Learn to Cook

At Chequers Kitchen, we believe that it is very difficult to have a healthy diet if you do not know how to cook with fresh ingredients. So it is our mission to teach anyone who wants to learn!

You can become healthier by eating better. Did you know that poor diet causes more illness and premature death than smoking? We believe that a good diet underpins good health and cooking with fresh ingredients rather than processed food is the easiest way to eat healthily.

What is Keen2Cook?

Keen2Cook is a 6 to 8-week course that focuses on cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients. It is for anyone who is on a tight budget and wants to access a healthier diet by doing more cooking at home.

If you rely a lot on ready meals, processed food or take-aways this is the course for you. Or, maybe you are out of the habit of cooking for yourself and need a kick-start.

Each week you learn basic cooking skills, making a tasty, healthy dish to take home with you. You will become a more confident cook and have a selection of recipes to choose from. You will pick up tips and ideas from our tutors and also from others on the course.

You can expect to cook alongside about 8 others and the cooking sessions are friendly and welcoming. It’s fine to come on your own, you will soon feel relaxed with the group.

Upcoming Keen2Cook courses:

There are no Keen2Cook classes scheduled at the moment

Currently (autumn 2021) we are concentrating on online cookery demonstrations for stroke survivors

And Mealtime Memories monthly cook and dine sessions for people over 60

Please email us if you would like to be kept informed of future classes info@chequers.kitchen

Free transport available from Dover, Deal and Sandwich (limited spaces)

If you are interested in our Keen2Cook course for yourself, a family member, friend or client, please phone Stephanie on 01304 362288 or contact us today.

Chequers Kitchen - keen2Cook courses for healthy cooking

If you are on a tight budget the classes are free of charge, thanks to grant funding from The Big Lottery. We can also offer you free transport from Deal or Sandwich and some courses have transport from Dover (just check with us when choosing your class). After the first week we will ask you to bring some of the ingredients. They will not be expensive.

You don’t have to be unemployed to come free of charge. If you are comfortably off and can afford to pay we ask that you come to our Learn to Cook classes instead.

Yes, unless you are ill of course or something unexpected happens to prevent you from coming. We do require you to commit to the full course.

If you are already an enthusiastic cook but would like to join a class, have a look at our Cookery Champions project.

If you are interested in our Keen2Cook course for yourself or a family member, please phone Stephanie on 01304 362288 or contact us to book a place on Keen2Cook. New courses start regularly and take place on weekday mornings or afternoons.