Cooking for Work

At Chequers Kitchen Cookery School, we offer cookery courses in hands-on food preparation and classroom style food safety in catering courses. You might be a student or unemployed person looking to gain skills in order to work in the hospitality industry;  or perhaps you are looking to start a cooking venture. Our courses give you an introduction to working with food professionally.

If you are a local employer in the hospitality industry, looking for new staff, we would love to help you find suitable candidates among our present and past students.

What is Keen2Cater?

Keen2Cater is aimed at students who are unemployed or in part-time work and wanting to start a career in catering. We help you build skills and confidence for work in the hospitality industry.

If you want to work in catering but need help to build your basic cooking skills and self-confidence, choose a Keen2Cater course.  You will also complete a Level 2 Food Safety in Catering qualification. We will help you apply for jobs and create a CV that reflects the skills and experience you gain on your Keen2Cater course.

Upcoming Keen2Cater Courses:

  • January/February 2020 – This training is for Dover residents and is supported by Port of Dover Community Fund. Contact us now to find out more or express an interest – call Steph on 01304 362288.

To find out more,please phone on 01304 362288 or  contact us today.

Bread made in the Chequers Kitchen - Keen2Cook Cookery Course
Keen2Cater Course

Employment Partners

Are you a local employer in the hospitality industry? Can you help us find jobs and work experience for our students? Can we help you by adjusting our courses to fit your needs for suitably skilled employees?

Our Keen2Cater students practice foundation skills such as effective and efficient use of knives, bread making and mis-en-place. They grow in confidence as they learn. Our students also complete an accredited Level 2 Food Safety in Catering qualification so you can be confident that they are aware of food safety issues and the importance of implementing your good practice requirements.

We are keen to support local employers to find appropriate staff and to help prepare them with the skills you need. Will you join our informal network of local catering employers and help us help you in your search for new team members? Please contact us to see how we could support you and our students for mutual benefit.